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February 2014
Another Conceptualization of Dose/Response
Can Interval Training Overcome Non or Low Responsiveness to Traditional Steady State Moderate Intensity Training?
How Can We Retain Muscle Mass and Function As We Get Older?
How Can There Be An Epidemic of Overweight And Obesity When People Report Consuming So Few Calories?
Should We Go 'Nuts'?
Are Drugs or Exercise More Effective in Preventing Death from Chronic Diseases?
April 2014
Focus on What We Can Do
What Are New Findings and Benefits from Following a Mediterranean Diet?
How Important are the Effects of Sedentary Behaviors?
When Is It Too Late to Become Physically Active?
Statins or Fitness for Reducing Mortality Risk?
Will Aerobic Training Reduce Lean Body Mass Gains From Resistance Training?
How Much Can Nutritional Support Improve the Outcomes of Resistance Training?
How Far Do We Need to Go to Reach Exercise Objectives?
June 2014
Sustainable Training: What Is a Critical Element to Track in Our Workouts?
Is There Anything New in Aerobic Training?
What is A New Measure and Characteristic Associated with Longevity?
Should You Be Concerned About Saturated Fat in Your Diet?
August 2014
What Does Maintaining Training Really Mean? (extended article)
How Effective is High-Intensity Interval Training (HIT) in Improving Aerobic Capacity?
What Are the Origins of "Sets" in Resistance Exercise?
October 2014
What Worked for Maintaining Resistance Training?
If You Consistently Exercise Are Sedentary Behaviors Detrimental?
Does Muscle Strength Predict Protection from Disease?
Is Consuming Beef Detrimental to Vascular Health?
Does Consuming a Large Number of Servings of Fruits and Vegetables Per Day Reduce Risk?
If Your Goal is Muscle Hypertrophy, How Much Rest Between Sets is Optimal?
How Much Running is Needed to be Health Protective?
What Are New Findings About Response Variation?
December 2014
More on Maintaining Resistance Training
How Frequently Do You Need to Train to Increase Fitness?
What Is A More Effective Diet For Weight Loss?
How Much Should We Restrict Sodium in Our Diets?
Can We Positively Affect Aging at the Cellular Level?
Cardiorespiratory Fitness for What?
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